Advanced biological wastewater treatment processes (Ad-Bio)

The Project

The aim of this research is to strengthen research excellence in Turkey on advanced biological wastewater treatment processes for energy and materials recovery and for nutrient removal from wastewater. The shift from energy intensive wastewater treatment processes to low carbon footprint processes which can achieve significant resource recovery is considered to be the way forward for the wastewater treatment plants of the future. Brunel University is already implementing advanced processes, which include short-cut nitrogen removal, membrane bioreactors (MBRs) and upflow anaerobic sludge blanket coupled with suitable post treatment in order to treat municipal and industrial effluents. This research knowledge will be transmitted to the Ataturk University which is currently working on biological processes for wastewater treatment, including MBRs. An anaerobic MBR will be developed and operated in Brunel in order to treat dairy wastewater. The reactor will recover energy from wastewater and will be used to train students and to promote research collaboration between Ataturk University and Brunel University.



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